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Health & Wellbeing at the Ocean Front of North Bali

Bali is called the island of the Gods and is well known as the island for Healing and Well-being.  


Griya Bali Surga can introduce you to local Bali Healing Ceremonies and their Healers and Priests & Priestesses.


Dewi Arinda, our head of Staff, is also a Spiritual Healer and Bali Celebrant. You may choose to be cleansed and blessed at the villa ground or any auspicious locations throughout Bali.


Unique ceremonies can be held at various key dates in your life - as well as in the cycles of the moon and the seasons.


Dewi Arinda can also arrange spiritual healing, spa treatments of all kinds, massages, sound healing, palm-leaf readings, and various yoga techniques and is a wellbeing specialist overseeing the appointments and activities for all our guests.

Bali Soul Healing Ceremonies 

Traditional Balinese Healing 

Spiritual Healing hands-on and remote


Palm- and Palmleaf Readings

Water Blessing Ceremonies

Therapeutic Massage and Balinese Massage 

Couples Honeymoon Massages

Spa & Beauty Therapy

Meditation & Mindfulness

Detox and Natural Health Programs

Ozone Therapy


Therapeutic Yoga and Kundalini Yoga


EAT PRAY LOVE Blessings at Ketut Leyer House in Ubud


Ecstatic Dancing Ceremonies 


Balinese Traditional Dance


Sound Healing


Kirtan Singing Circles


and more…

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