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  • Dolphin Tours (Early Morning tours starting 5.30 am from home or on an arrangement from Lovina.)

  • Exotic local Temples and Churches

  • Waterfalls & Mountain Hiking

  • Traditional Village visits with activities like blessing baskets. preparation, cooking classes and woodwork

  • Northern Bali Lakes and “Village of the Dead”

  • Custom tours with staff experienced in local Bali locations and experiences

  • Traditional local Bali Markets

  • Coffee Plantation & Tastings

  • Local Restaurant Bookings

  • Surfing & Skating (various Bali locations)


  • Snorkeling

  • Scuba Diving and courses

  • Mountain Walks, Swimming & visiting various Waterfalls

  • Treks through beautiful Bali Mountain Scenes

  • Cycling Tours

  • White Water Rafting

  • Water Fun Parks & Beach Activities

  • Skating

  • Balinese introductory Dance classes

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Bali is not just the Island of the Gods, it is also the island of Healing and Well-being.  Griya Bali Surga can introduce you to local Bali healing through Dewi, a member of the team and a Spiritual Healing practitioner.  Dewi can also arrange healing, Yoga and well-being specialists and activities.

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  • Traditional Balinese Healing & Water Blessing Ceremonies

  • Therapeutic Massage and Balinese Massage in house for one or for couples

  • Spa & Beauty Therapy

  • Meditation & Mindfulness

  • Detox and Natural Health Programs

  • Hatha Yoga & Other Yoga Modalities


  • Wedding & Vows Ceremonies

  • Honeymoon Retreat (uniquely designed)

  • Reunions (Neighbourhood villas accommodate additional guests)

  • Birthdays & Family Blessings

  • Child Blessings & Naming Ceremonies

  • Bali Holiday & Traditional Ceremonies matching local & astrological Calendar

  • Water Temple and Local Temple Ceremonies

  • Balinese Traditional Dance and Gamelan Music Performances (also in-house, if requested)

  • Ceremonies at a variety of Bali Temples (local & distant)

  • In House Personal Organizer for your unique celebration or ceremony

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The Villa is a great place for retreats and workshops.

Some of the staff at the Villa previously worked at the Shambalah retreat centre in Tijakula and hence have experience at meeting the needs of retreat leaders.  Unlike the major retreat centres we are sized for a smaller group.  We are aware of the special needs of timing and privacy that occur when you are in a group or meeting such as for personal development.   

  • Griya Bali Surga offers three meeting areas for groups of up to 12 people – the Lounge, our Pool & Dining Area, and the Yoga Deck

  • Free high speed internet with unlimited data and WIFI coverage throughout the property

  • An optional private office space

  • Coaching and planning tools including optional colour Laser printer and copier

  • Flexible meal and cleaning times to meet meeting requirements

  • Meals can be provided for larger groups

  • We can arrange extra off site accommodation bookings and transport for larger groups

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