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Earn Excellent Commissions 

If you’re running a travel website, travel blogger or an online Marketing looking for additional income. Griya Bali Surga Villa affiliate program for accommodation  to make more money in 2023 and beyond.

Earn 20% commission


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The New Griya Bali Surga Villa

Affiliate Program Has Landed!

Earn ongoing monthly income by joining our FREE Villa Affiliate 

Do you want to start earning extra cash today? By signing up as a Griya Bali Surga Villas affiliate you’ll get the opportunity to partner with one of the leading names in the luxury villa rental industry in Bali with its own private chef, private pool and more.

Griya Bali Surga Villas is one of the world’s most exclusive private villa in Bali, offering  friendly support, first-rate concierge services and high-end extras like private chef, private pool and spa, car hire, attraction tickets, and butler service. 

People trust our simple-to-use website, which encourages online bookings and working in partnership with the Villa, making it easy for you to start earning extra cash straight away.
By signing up as an affiliate you’ll have the opportunity to partner with one of the leading names in the Bali Villa rental industry. Once approved, you can earn 20% commission on all stayed bookings that you generate. 

It turns out, accommodation affiliate programs are some of the most profitable to promote for travel affiliates, travel bloggers and online marketers.

Especially when each night often ends up at $100 or more, and multi-day trips explode the average order value. (You've probably felt that way about your wallet while booking your last trip.)

Now imagine that your target audience is families with kids or teenagers, honeymoon couples and you can picture how earning a percentage of someone's accommodation bill can be incredibly lucrative.

But it's not as simple as throwing a link into existing content about the villa you stayed at and calling it a night.

To succeed as a villa affiliate, you have to write content that will reach people just before they're about to book. Go a step further by promoting high-end niche accommodation in Bali with your guest own private cook, private pool and more to really earn as a Griya Bali Surga Villa Affiliate.

Why you should partner with Griya Bali Surga Villa?

It’s free and simple

Signing up is completely free and it really couldn’t be easier. Simply apply for the Griya Bali Surga Villa affiliate programme and you’ll be ready to start earning.

How Griya Bali Surga Villa Affiliate Programs Works

Griya Bali Surga Villa affiliate program pays commission to affiliates who advertise the Villas products and services. The villa pays commissions to affiliates after customers complete their stay.

There’s no limit on your earnings.

Our commission is 20% of the rental rate on every completed booking, and there’s no limit on the amount you can earn. The higher the value of the sales you generate, the more money you make.

It’s easy to get and make a booking with the Villa

You’ll be working with Griya Bali Surga Villa directly so you will be able to get exclusive deals and make your own packages for your clients. Organise a retreat or a relaxing holiday.

You’ll get all the tools you need.

We’ll provide you with everything you need to start earning, including innovative content ideas, smart-looking banners and a simple tool that allows you to link to our landing page on our website. 

We use a 30-day cookie

Some affiliate programmes only offer short cookie durations, but we use a longer 30-day tracking period. This tracks any sales generated within a 30-day period from the last click to our website from yours, giving you the opportunity to earn for an extended period of time.

Affiliate Tips
Promote special offers

Your readers are more likely to book with us (and earn you commission) if you give them an incentive to book. We regularly promote special offers on our website and in our email newsletters sign up here, and you can generate bookings by sharing these deals on your website.

If you’d like an exclusive offer to promote on your website, please contact us:

Post Frequently

Posting more frequently can turn occasional affiliate payments into a steady stream of income. You may want to consider running a regular series about our villa on your website ‘Deal of the week’.

Cross-Promote On Other Channels

If you’ve posted a great offer or piece of content on your blog or website, it makes sense to cross-promote it on your social media channels. Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok can all drive lots of traffic to your blog, which can in turn lead to bookings through our affiliate programme.

Likewise, if you have an email newsletter or a YouTube channel, publishing a link to your content can be an effective way to generate more bookings.

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