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Every holiday, every life-altering event and every celebration is a unique and very personal experience for each one of our guests!

We are committed to offer you a highly customised and 100% fulfilling combination of accommodation, products, catering and services that uplift and enlighten your experience staying with us at Griya Bali Surga.

You are invited to send us your enquiry - telling us what exactly what kind of event you wish to create and experience while visiting our boutique villa in North Bali.

Our event and ceremony planning manager will communicate about all the unique details with you - every step along the way - until the last hour of your celebration and rejuvenating stay.

Combined packages put together, quoted and paid in advance towards your event or holiday will be up to 25 to 30 % more cost-effective than any additional bookings of your activities and celebration features requested after your arrival.

We are looking forward to communicating with you, would Griya Bali Surga look like 'the dream place’ to co-create your unique retreat, honeymoon, wedding or ceremony with us?

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