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at Griya Bali Surga

Are you an international Relationship and/or Business Coach looking for a sacred Bali venue to host your high-ticket clients for a private retreat process?

Even more - are you a desiring Single or desperate Partner in a Couple Relationship - looking for an opportunity to heal, transform and deepen your very own Love Life?

Our venue created for the purpose of Relationship Healing, the Bali-in-Residence international MARS VENUS Love Coach Adriane Hartigan-von Strauch invites you to explore one of her regular magnificent and life-changing 4- to 8-Day LOVE COACH RETREATS at Griya Bali Surga. View details about her background and regular seminars on her website

Adriane is also available to collaborate as a co-facilitator at any business-  and complimentary theme retreat process organised and facilitated in our fantastic and highly secluded retreat and villa environment.

MANIFEST. Heal and enlighten your very own inner & outer intimate relationships through exquisite & deeply fulfilling residential couples and singles coaching as well as Spa & Wellness Retreat experience in the South of Bali!

PLAN & EXPLORE. Unique & long-lasting LOVE & INTIMACY for yourself, your Beloved - and for your clients!

WHY??? Because there are numerous benefits to making a Singles and Couples Retreat a life-and relationship-altering adventure!!!

Ask yourself - is a LOVE, SINGLE and/or COUPLES Retreat EXPERIENCE truly for you and/or your clients or life partner?

Are you (or your client) at the end of a relationship?

Feeling the desire for a new relationship?

In a current relationship and want to heal and/or strengthen your (or your clients’) existing connection?

Are you (they) dealing with imbalanced physical and mental-emotional Wellbeing?

Looking for lifestyle and personal development tools to benefit your (their) intimate connection and mental-emotional health?

Then this retreat is perfect for you and anyone you invite - and those you invite to come on the inner and outer journey with (and for) YOU!!!

A hugely heart-opening and elevating as well as revitalizing experience to devote yourself to the most vital areas of your existence – YOUR LOVE LIFE!


LAST NOT LEAST….How to truly and deeply BENEFIT from a LOVE AND RELATIONSHIP Retreat Holiday?

TIME. Take time out to relax & rejuvenate in a nurturing and tranquil environment

HEAL. Heal and overcome wounds & conditioning from your past & present relationships

PEACE. Find an inner peace and comfort – unconditionally accepting your reality and existence

SELF. Open your Heart to Self-Love and Self-Empowerment & LOVE

AWAKEN. Realise the possibility to LOVE again – in a much deeper and fulfilling way!

CREATE. Create a vision and action plan to manifest the Love Relationship YOU truly desire.

ENERGIZE. Get in touch with your Body through Detox and Revitalizing Therapies & daily Massages - and last but not least...DANCE TANGO & MEDITATE!

PRIORITIZE. Time and dedication to nurture your own self and discover your uniqueness and power to create the Love, Health and Intimacy you have always wanted & needed!

We invite you to connect with our expert team and/or Bali’s MARS VENUS LOVE COACH Adriane for booking and planning a retreat experience at Griya Bali Surga in magical North Bali in 2023, 2024 and beyond!

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