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Romantic Honeymoon 
e Ocean Front Villa 
in Authentic North Bali

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20220328_Griya Bali


Welcome to Griya Bali Surga

Your Romantic Honeymoon Villa

on the Beautiful and Sunny Coastline of Northern Bali!

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Why not start your “once in a lifetime” holiday for two with us? 

Indulge your romantic experiences at Griya Bali Surga - your “heavenly home in Bali”! 


Set amidst the beautiful and untouched scenery of North Bali’s beachfront, find your privacy within the serenity near Tejakula’s sacred ocean temple. Our “Love Goddess Cottage” plus the entire villa with further 3 bedrooms offer a spacious and private environment including a round pool and three sun decks, an ocean-view dining area and an en-suite kitchenette.


Surrounded by an exotic atmosphere, colour-coded interior and exclusive amenities you are permitted to choose your personal Love Language through Intimacy, Uniqueness and Passion.


Allow yourself to be served and pampered by our amazing team.


Taste healthy and well-balanced Eastern and Western food - freshly prepared for you from morning to night. Enjoy a massage and beauty treatment while listening to the gentle sound of the sea and the breeze in the palms.


Refresh your body, mind and spirit with a swim or sun bath in our private pool - or for slightly more adventure, step our of the garden right into the ocean to swim or snorkel – usually safe and calm.


Our amazing 'Griya Bali Surga’ Honeymoon and Holiday Villa & ‘Love Goddess’ Cottage have been designed to fulfil your desire and needs for privacy, beauty, individuality, relaxation, nature, nourishment, comfort and a truly romantic outlook.

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20220327_Griya Bali


When speaking about Bali as a destination, travellers usually relate this unique Indonesian island to two extremes - either the busy and very touristic ocean & beach environment of the South of Bali or the traditional and cultural influences that seem to differentiate Bali from other places in Asia.

Northern Bali is still very untouched and original compared to the South and the Center. Here is where ‘Heaven meets Earth', where mountains touch the sea, where villas and private resorts are in close proximity to local villages and home-based temples. 


Here is where locals include international guests into their lifestyles and invite you into their family homes!

Griya Bali Surga is located in Desa Bukti, very close to the larger community of Tejakula, with a 2-hour drive from the green & lush healing town of Ubud and a 3.5-hour drive from Denpasar International Airport.


A variety of scenic, cultural and holistic places and activities are in close reach to be discovered during your unforgettable stay in North Bali!

Griya Bali Surga
Mission Statement

Griya Bali Surga promises its guests and all visitors feeling drawn and invited to this exceptional property on the North Coast of Bali to provide a sacred and private Heaven for Honeymoons, Ceremonies, Celebrations and Retreats of great purpose and value to each attending. We ensure creating a space for each soul present to experience a most healing and transformational quality time in the care of our professional staff & facilitation team -  surrounded and held by the ocean, local waters, Goddess Nature and the spirit of our Balinese people.

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